Suffering from accidental injuries through no fault of your own, we’re your partner in legal representation.

A careless act has changed your life.

You are normally an independent person and although others have offered their help, you hate to rely on them. You are always on top of your game, but since the accident, your pain has impacted your work and your family commitments. Now you are talking to an insurance adjuster who does not seem to value what you have been through.

I worked for insurance companies and large entities in the past. I saw first-hand how they take advantage of the victim by reducing real people to what a computer program or adjuster calculates their cases are worth. Real people were suffering, so I started my own firm to tell their stories. I made a commitment to take the time to listen and learn every detail so that they would be heard and their suffering brought to the negotiation table or to a judge or jury.

How can you be taken seriously by the insurance company?

Get Help. Call or email us. Tell us about your suffering.

Meet Face-to-Face. We do not ask for money upfront or bill you monthly. We recover attorney fees if you recover either in a favorable settlement or verdict per contingency fee pursuant to a retainer agreement.

Have us present your case: Our experience and insight get you the best results because we know how to interact with the insurance company, judge or jury. We bring power by telling your case the way it should be told and by fighting to get you as close to whole as humanly possible.

How we can help:

  • Initial confidential legal consultation
  • Regular check-ins to see how you are feeling during your medical treatment and to answer questions
  • Presentation of your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering to the insurance company
  • Meeting(s) to go over offer so you can make informed decision about whether to settle or take your case to trial
  • Settlement, if you choose, to cover payment of medical bills, wages, liens and fees
  • Representation at trial, if situation calls for it

What makes us special:

  • We provide aggressive representation humanely
  • We are here to listen to your specific suffering
  • Our experience and honesty give insight into the best approach for your case
  • Fearless approach in negotiations with the insurance company
  • A trial advocate that will tell your story

Please call at 202.465.8685 or contact us to tell us how you have been injured and get help.